Share Digital Business Cards

Quickly and easily share your info with a digital business card - no need for reams of paper! Connect instantly anytime, anywhere.

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Generate Leads

With just one tap, your business can generate new leads like never before!

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Collect Payments

We power online stores: from showcasing your products, to collecting payments and beyond.

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With us, you can count on impressive outcomes - that's our promise!

NFC is currently thriving, experiencing explosive growth in the technology industry!

Businesses are embracing technology like never before, adding an extra spark to their operations that's translating into higher sales.

Jump in now and you'll have a tech-backed edge that no one else can beat! You won't regret it.

Looking for a way to make an impact? Look no further.

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About Us

Dulyfixed Smart Business Card

Dulyfixed Smart Business Card is a Professional NFC technology for business cards.
Our fascination with NFC technology for business cards has led us to create an innovative online platform that gives you and your customers the freedom of a contactless, digital experience. Our app allows you to generate leads, collect payments, get followers and reviews - all at just one tap! We're thrilled by this amazing achievement in tech and hope it can take your business into unchartered heights. So join us on our journey as we turn passion into success. Thank you for visiting our site in the world of Contactless Digital Business Cards!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are NFC Tags easily available ? How much do they cost?

With NFC tags, you'll have optimal affordability without skimping on form or function. Whether your business requires a traditional tag shape or must-have wearables, there's an option that works for everyone! Get tagging to take advantage of all the great features today.

Can NFC tags be reused?

Got a new campaign but using the same NFC tag? No problem! We can quickly and easily erase what was previously there so your card gets an exciting upgrade. Ready to enter the future of marketing? Let's get started now!

How is this advantageous over QR Codes?

QR codes might be easy, but NFC has it beat with a tap – now that's efficiency at its finest! No more struggling to open your phone and manually scan whenever you need something. A simple tap is all it takes.

Unlike QR Codes that have a one-time use, NFC tags are like the reusable bags of technology. With just a simple tap you can rewrite new information as needed - no printing necessary!